Judo White to Black Belt

If you’re seriously interested in Judo, how could you do better than learning from Nagayasu Ogasawara (8th degree black belt & U.S. Olympic Instructor) & Liliko Ogasawara (U.S. Olympian). The two masters have pooled their expertise to craft what is now being hailed “the preeminent judo instruction video series in recent years.” This series covers all the techniques that Sensei requires to go from white belt to black belt. It also includes the moves that have helped Liliko win two World Championship medals, and shows live action scenes from one of sensei’s advance classes. Learn and perfect your technique through White to Black-a video series designed for all skill levels, whether you are interested in judo or competing on an international level. Use the videos along with Textbook of Judo to master the art of judo.

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